Thursday, September 30, 2010

jules undersea lodge

Hotel Jules' Undersea Lodge "is like a house in Florida, U.S.. A location by Jules Verne, Author of "20,000 miles under the sea" and is located in a tropical mangrove forest. Biological Experiment Station used to be a submarine called La Chalupa, but a trip to use the services of Jules' Undersea Lodge to diving with breathing apparatus. To black and deep ocean 2,000 feet below the surface swim through shark fin fish like parrot fish, poultry cv and other large fish. Station Hotel room was a sea trial this Designed not for luxury. Or to walk comfortably on a wide area. Design adapted accommodation and target station is underwater resting place for the first time. So pampered diving enthusiasts to try to live underwater. Furnished accommodation in Jules' Undersea Lodge is not only a superb luxury, but here, unlike any hotel in the world. It allows visitors to dive all day. Black and explore the underwater area around the accommodation. Experience life under the sea at all times of relaxation. However, rooms are limited to two rooms with air. The other room, the rest is the kitchen. Restaurant and entertainment area. This DVD is a single. For breakfast and dinner will be served delicious each room is under water. If you want fresh. Guests can use the hotel chef. The black water is to cook a fresh new taste to accommodation. Or save by ordering pizza is not that different. Snnrnrcr accommodation at Jules' Undersea Lodge minimum of $ 375 per night.